Nautilus 137 by Lotny

This original track from Lotny is a trip into the deep space. The drums were recorded live from an Elektron MD using an 808 Kit and internal delay FX. Whereas the bass comes from a Dave Smith “Sequencial” OB6. Wanna travel to space? Check out this video:

Ultimate Escape by Lotny

Lotny brings you djembe perks, chords and 4/4 beats mix up with jazzy keys and big bottom bass. Jazz is in the House! + Don’t be scared to watch the video:

Together by Lotny

Absolut bipolar track! Lotny travels you from darkness to heaven. It all starts from atmospheric pads and groovy bass lines and evolve higher thanks to funky synths and finger snaps. Enjoy this second track from Lotny’s EP: Leaving Paris

Deepness by Lotny

This ouverture track from Lotny’s first EP (Leaving Paris) is deep by essence. It is made of syncopated percussions mixed up with synths stabs, vocal shouts and rolling bass lines evolving with violin runs toward indians instruments.

This Sound by Lotny

The deep bass line of this tune drives the track like a journey into space. It is a four to the floor track that evolves from pad chords to some spacey synth lines and stabs, introducing drones and others fly high cuts… This Sound is Lotny’s first project and you can be sure it will be followed with some more …